We supply seasoned hardwood logs within a 15 mile radius of Frome.
All timber is ethically sourced from local woodlands.

We sell our logs in half or full loads:
Half load = 1.5 m3
Full load = 3.0 m3

We can supply hard and soft wood mixed loads or hardwood only.

You will be able to order online in future, but in the meantime please either email us or phone/text 0780 1179917

Half Load         
     Mixed                       £80
     Hardwoods only      £100
 Full Load         
     Mixed                       £150
     Hardwoods only      £180

A mixed load contains no more than 50% soft woods including Douglas fir, Scots pine, Larch & Spruce.
Our hardwoods include Oak, Ash, Beech, Hornbeam and Birch.

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